Frequnetly Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions we get asked and so we hope you will find the answer you are looking for. If you don't, then you can ask us for the information you need via our "Contact Us" page. 


1. I want you to play but I don't know what's the best way to use you for my event. Can you help?

2. How long can you play for?

3. We're getting married. What are the options for having your band play?

4. Can you play during a meal or in a restaurant or other quiet venues?

5. I've a date in mind to book you, are you available to play?

6. What sort of venues and how far from Plymouth can the band play?

7. Can you play for corporate events or during the daytime on week days?

8. What will the band wear if I book you?

9. How much will it cost us to hire you?

10. How do I contact or book the band?

11. What happens after I've booked the band?

12. When and how do I pay for the band?




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1 I want you to play but I don't know what's the best way to use you for my event.

You can have more or less what you want! You tell us what you need and we can advise you of something to suit you. If you are not sure what you would like or need we can of course advise you what might work best to ensure your event goes off just the way you want it to.  
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2 How long can you play for?
We can play for as long or a short a period as you would like. For weddings and other all day events we can play for the entire day and evening given the usual breaks in the music.
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3 We're getting married. What are the options for having your band play?
There are a number of options you can have for us to play at your wedding. It just depends how much live music you want and of course everyone is different. The usual options are listed below but we are happy to provide anything which suits you:

a) The whole reception - from arriving at the service/reception venue, to accompany the wedding breakfast (optional) and for the dance

b) The reception welcome and wedding breakfast

c) The start of the reception from arriving at the venue after the service through to the start of the wedding breakfast

d) Just for the reception dance

e) Any of the above and to play at the church or service venue during the service

Of course if you have anything else in mind just ask us. The options above are just suggestions but give you an idea of the different ways in which our clients have used the band for their weddings.
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4 Can you play during a meal or in a restaurant or other quiet venues?
We are happy to discuss playing wherever you might need us and we are very used to playing for quiet venues such as restaurants and during meals at dinner-dances and wedding receptions. We can play as quietly or loudly as you prefer. For small and medium size venues we normally play "acoustically" anyway, with minimal amplification for our piano and bass only but can also easily play loud enough for large and outdoor venues.
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5 What sort of venues and how far from Plymouth can the band play?
We have no maximum distance limits with regard to venues. We regularly play thoughout the Plymouth to Exeter corridor and in southeast Cornwall but are happy to play wherever you need us. If we have to travel great distances or pay for accommodation then this will be reflected in the price we charge, which we are sure you can understand, but this usually only affects the cost of playing at venues outside of the Devon and Cornwall region.


As for venues we can play virtually anywhere there is an electricity supply and suitable space. We have played indoors and outdoors, in pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants, town and village halls, on boats and on beaches. One of us has even played on an amphibious landing craft! Between us probably the only places we haven't played are in a plane and underwater.


When playing outdoors we do need to take certain things into consideration - such as the British weather. Please check with your venue that they have the correct licence in place for outdoor music and entertainment as we cannot be held liable if the law prevents us from playing on the day; but we can normally fit into your plans without much trouble.
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6 I've a date in mind to book you, are you available to play?
Our Public Venue Gigs Page details some of the dates we are already booked for but it does not list our private events bookings; so you can't relay on it to show our availablity on any given date. To check our availability please use the "Contact Us" page to ask our bandleader, Matt, who can advise you by email or telephone.

If you want to book us on a date for which we are already booked we may still be able to play for you depending on the timings involved; so it is always worth checking with us.

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7 Can you play for corporate events or during the daytime on week days?
The simple answer is yes we can. 
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8 What will the band wear if I book you?
We always like to dress smartly but can offer you a choice of the follow. Please note we do not charge extra for dressing formally:

a) Black Tie - tuxedo with wing-collared shirts

b) Suits - lounge suits, shirt and tie

c) Smart - shirt, tie and trousers (smart casual jackets optional)

c) Summer Casual - chinos and shirt 

d) Your Choice - please ask us if you have another perferred dress code for the band. We are happy to conisder any costumes or corporate uniform etc. you may wish us to wear and can supply to us. 
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9 How much will it cost us to hire you?
We can provide you with music to fit any budget. Unlike a lot of bands we don't have a fixed price for playing because we consider each event is unique and we believe in charging an open and fair price which is competitive and reflects:

a) the length of time you need us to play for and if you need us to have a very long break or gap (eg. several hours) between playing, and our waiting time

b) how far we need to travel and the time and costs involved

c) accommodation costs if applicable - although this is rare and usually only for evening events outside of the Devon and Cornwall area


In other words, you will pay for what you use rather than a blanket price which is applied to everyone. In order to give you a price we will discuss your needs with you and advise you of the options and how much they would cost. You are then welcome to take your time and get back to us if you need to, although experience tells us that virtually everyone is happy to book us there and then!
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10 How do I contact or book the band?
Please see the details on our "Contact" page to get in touch with our bandleader, Matt.

If you send an email or use our telephone number and leave a message it is helpful for us to have your full contact details so we can be sure your enquiry is answered.


It would also help us, especially when replying to an email enquiry, if you could provide details of the date and location you would like to book us for and an idea of the length of time or event times you need us to play for.
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11 What happens after I've booked the band?
We will agree the arrangements and fee with you and then send you a covering letter and booking contract to sign. You should check the details are correct and return a signed copy to us, to confirm the booking.


Closer to the date of the booking we will contact you again to verify the arrangements are still the same. Please note that for some events we may ask you to pay a small non-refundable deposit.

Of course should you need to change any of the details of your booking you can contact us at anytime to discuss them. We use a simple contract document to protect both your interests as well as ours and although it sounds rather formal we aim to provide you with a friendly and helpful service.
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12 When and how do I pay for the band?
Usually this would be done on the day we play for you. For example, at weddings the best man will often pay the band leader when the band has finished playing. As detailed above we may in some instances request a non-refundable deposit or part payment in advance. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or for invoiced events by BACS. We regret that we currently cannot accept debit or credit cards.


A receipt can be provided when requested in advance. Companies and public authorities can be invoiced on request. 

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